Tomaralimab OPN-305: a TLR2-specific monoclonal antibody

Opsona Therapeutics has a fully humanised anti-TLR2 antibody (OPN-305), and our in-house research indicates that this product is a potent inhibitor of TLR2 mediated pro-inflammatory cytokine production.

Positive pre-clinical data has been generated in multiple models of cancer, including pancreatic, gastric, melanoma, ovarian as well as ex - vivo studies of myelodysplastic syndrome.

Research also suggests that the scope for TLR antagonists such as OPN-305 extends to other important inflammatory diseases including Ischaemia Reperfusion, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.


Opsona’s Tomaralimab (OPN-305) patent has been granted in a number of jurisdictions including Europe (EP2451842B2) and the USA (US8,734,794B2). Opsona has several other patents surrounding Tomaralimab (OPN-305), including compositions, methods and epitope binding domains.