About Opsona - leaders in innate immune drug development

Opsona Therapeutics is one of Europe's most innovative and dynamic drug development companies. We are at the forefront of drug development in immunology research, with particular focus on the innate immunity pathways.  

Since its founding in 2004, Opsona has validated and developed a series of exciting new drug candidates and strategies which modulate the human innate immune system. We are located in Dublin, Ireland.

Our research

Our aim is to deliver tomorrow's treatments from today's cutting edge research. We are developing a unique and advanced range of drugs to treat and prevent cancers, autoimmune disease, as well as inflammatory and infectious diseases.

We have developed Tomaralimab (OPN-305), an antibody to inhibit TLR2-mediated inflammation, which is now at the clinical testing phase

Our origins

Opsona is a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, one of Ireland’s leading academic institutions with a core focus on immunology research.

Ireland is ranked one of the leading countries in the field of immunology research, and our founders have made a number of key discoveries in this exciting area. Recognised as key opinion leaders, our founders are: